What is a Wood Casket Kit?

Whether you’re searching for burial options as part of your pre-planning process or at-need for an immediate death of a friend or family member, a wood casket kit is an affordable and Earth-friendly option that fits many people’s needs and desires. As of 2021, the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) reported the average cost of a traditional metal casket to be $2,500. That can be a hefty price for many families during an already stressful time. Our wood casket kit offers an alternative, affordable, and dignified solution for either burial or cremation needs.

What comes in the Ark Wood Casket Kit?

casket kit

The Ark Wood Casket Kit will be delivered directly to you, well-packed in a double-walled cardboard box. The shipping container is 82″ long by 25″ wide and just 5″ deep. With a weight of 95 pounds, it can be moved relatively easily, similar to a build-it-yourself bookshelf or cabinet.

If you are purchasing the wood casket kit as part of your pre-planning process, the kit can be easily stored until a later date. The packaging will protect the contents so there’s no need to worry about deterioration–even if it is stored for many decades. The only requirement is that you keep the box in a dry location.

How much assembly is required?

You’ll find our wood casket kit easier to assemble than most build-it-yourself furniture projects you purchase from a big-box retailer. The instructions are exceedingly simple because there are no metal pieces: no screws, nails, or staples. Instead, the pine wood pieces are attached with hardwood dowels with pre-applied and dried glue on them. The casket can be easily assembled with the assistance of a basic hammer or wood mallet. Simply add a drop of water to the dowel and tap into the pre-drilled holes to attach each piece together.

We’ve designed the casket with even the smallest details in mind. The wood casket kit comes with thick 1 1/8″ rope handles. We’ve selected rope that is durable enough to carry up to 300 pounds while soft on the hands.

Contact Ark Wood Caskets for more information.

We realize your decisions about the burial process are difficult and require great contemplation and consideration. Our team at Ark Wood Caskets is honored to be a part of your selection criteria, and we want to support you so you feel you made the best decisions to honor your loved one. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our wood casket kit to determine if this is the right product for your family’s desires.