very fine product


In January of 2016, my wife and I purchased one of your casket kits for my wife’s mother who was 96 at the time and doing very poorly. We wanted to be prepared as she was Jewish and burials happen quickly. We bought from you both because of the kit’s attractive price and because as a former woodworker I had built many things for my mother-in-law. It only seemed appropriate for me to be involved with her casket.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of her demise were premature. She did pass this past month, after celebrating her 99th birthday with much of her family. I was concerned about the casket kit as it had been stored in our unheated garage which would go from cold and very damp in the winter to hot and dry. Of course, as I now see with the 21-year-old casket kit experience highlighted on your website, the casket kit was perfect. It went together very easily and looked great. In fact, the director of the funeral home was very impressed with the quality and told us he intends to use your caskets in the future.  I hope you receive some orders from them.

In summary, we could not be more pleased with your product and your helpfulness in providing good references for us back in 2016. While this has been a difficult time, it was a solace to have this work out so well and to have my mother-in-law buried in a casket I assembled.

Very best regards,

Howard and Sherri
Kingston, WA