Burial or Cremation?

Every person on earth will at some time have to decide whether they want to be buried or cremated.

In my experience, many will have strong feelings about this subject. For many millions of people, their religious beliefs will be a huge influence in their decision.

Funeral homes have rules they must follow – and one of them is there can be no metal in caskets used for cremation. That means no nails, screws, metal staples or brass handles on cremation caskets.

If cremation is what you want and you prefer a cremation casket rather than a cardboard box, the Ark Wood Casket kit is perfect. We use no metal of any kind. Our handles are made from thick rope that is easy on the hands, and that looks dignified. Our hardwood doweling system is strong. The dowels come with the glue dried right onto them. With one drop of water in the dowel hole, a tap on the dowel and the boards can be joined together.